Sunday, September 11, 2011

Spending Weekend with LOVE

Last nite slept very late just to explore this new gadget of mine! It was worth every penny I tell u! :)) Thank u dear laling for the permission n paid almost half of the price for me... I would consider it as a gift though ;) Now what, I feel like jumping on the bed when I found out that I can also do CAD! Whoaaaaaaaa,.. (ok it's only meant for minor works on CAD only, but hey, it's still useful for me!) ok enuf said on this.

Today, had family brunch at Alexis, Great Eastern Mall with Adam's :) and had design discussion for Beverly Height which is still on renovation.

Below : Progress of Dry Kitchen Cabinet. Ok it's a 'copycat' from my previous project which also at Beverly Heights. It's their request, only finishes for counter top and mosaic wall will differentiate the owner

House renovation always involve changes,... Yeah, it's challenging and need patient, even if your client is your parent :P. Add and amending here and there. After brunch n design session, helped on buying kitchen accessories (sink n tap). Back at Jelatek by 2pm and prepared late lunch for the little family. After Asar, we went Jusco to pick up our Pyrex which we ordered before Raya. Huhuhu for Jusco member card the offer still on until 31st Oct! So hurry up! (We only bought two ;) nak beli lebih nnt lah,.. 2 is more than enuf at the moment)

Oh, yes,.. Just started packing my things for labor but not yet for baby :P heeeeeee sbb tak payah beli barang sgt, tuh yg dok postpone jer,.. I have more or less 3 weeks to go based on my 1st experience (had Liam at 37wks). Hopefully I have enough time to get things in order and ready (works, staff n family)

Last but not least, I had paratha n asam pedas salmon for dinner, oh with Milo ice :))) (tak macam van Milo pon!?!)

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Anonymous said...

mmg betul milo ice tu x sama mcm vilo van...:(..

:: !zyan :: said...

wah dah dapat gadget idaman! aku nak jugak!!! hish jeles neh.

Wan Anis Sorfina said...

nak gak...!

||kiena|| said...

best lah gadget baru ai! jom la kawan2 join ai! ;)

diyana Farid said...

pewit dah pakai ipad:))

||kiena|| said...

pewit jugak!