Monday, August 2, 2010

Thank you, Thank you and again Thank you!

Kak Lin,.. u really give me a reason to chill and smile on my Madness Monday! As usual, Monday at site was a Madness Day for me, but Kak Lin's Announcement on the July Giveaway Winners really made my day!!! Ouh,.. soooooooooo excited to receive your fabulous handmade card! I wish i can get the orange,red card! hehehe ignore me if i deserved a better one!! Ok Ok Ok enough enough,.. but my heart jumping excitedly i can't deny it,.. ouh this is my first entry for blog giveaway that's why i'm over excited,.. OVER,.. ahahaha well dat's me over exaggerate on things,.. ouh please,.. only sometimes!

i'm crying over this handmade card! hahahaha can i !?!

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