Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lin Handmade Blog Giveaway,..

Last 2 days check my chat box and there's 1 invitation from kak lin for her blog giveaway! It's quit new for me for joining a giveaway. Hohoho so lets give a try,... Anyway kak lin thank you for your invitation. That's my first time visit your blog, really caught my eyes, YOUR CREATIVITY and PRODUCT! Ok in order to join this giveaway:

  •  "For Bloggers..... you must be my follower . If you are already a follower in my blog, then  you are eligible to join - Kak Lin" - Kak Lin, i've been following u since the first day u leaved message in my chat box! =)
  • "For Bloggers.....YOU MUST WRITE about this blog giveaway at your own respective blog and include the photo you see above (below) in it as well. Don't just put the photo of the prize at your blog.You have to at least write about what the photo is about.  Then, link your post to this blog giveaway. PLEASE add the URL link of your blog post in your comment area as well so that I can easily go and visit and read your post at your respective blog. - Kak Lin"

i'm not good in explaining,... i'm not a story teller dat's why i couldnt be a debater! hahaha lari tajuk sungguh~ sorry kak lin,.. ok ok ok enough, lets just straight to the handmade card above, that the giveaway prize from kak lin, is it NICE??? So anyone would like to join and grab these prizes? Please do so! Kak Lin will choose not only one winner but 7 winners! 

7 quilled heart cards
7 ribbon beaded bookmarks

Kak Lin, betul ke tuh? Huwaaaa so excited! Apalagi, jom ramai ramai meriahkan giveaway Kak Lin!
Please click here to enter giveaway..

Month of 7, yeah i guess we sharing a good month:
my anniversary, 6th July
Ziyaad Ilhaam turns 6 months
Discover and fall in LOVE with new KPJ Tawakkal - 2nd child to consider, ahaha!
Having DSLR for our own good - Yeay buleh amik gambar Z.Ilhaam bnyk2!
...the list goes on and on...

pssst,.. da lama tak ber'keras'craft tangan dengan beaded,.. the last time was for Eza's Wedd (baju her ami)

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