Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It's Raa'id's Aqiqah & Cukur Jambul

Sunday 11th Julai went to Kg Machang Hilir, Lenggeng for Majlis Aqiqah & Cukur Jambul Raa'id,..  Tak sempat nak cukur jambul Raa'id, sampai sampai je majlis dah habes,.. Ye lah, sampai pon dah jam 1130pagi majlis mula jam 10pagi. So who else i met at Ezanita's?? Yeay i had some sort of 'get together' with Anis & hubby, Azyyati & Family hmm the rest? Fiza, Dina, Pcloh, Mcnet, and Zura can't make it,.. haih next time when we have time and money we'll organise the 'get together' session,.. Missed u all sooooo much!!! 

Hi, Baby Raa'id,.. =D
One happy family, Ezanita, Jamal & Baby Raa'id

>>>>> Credit to Ezanita for the photos
Ouh on that Sunday i'm supposed to attend wedding at Klang after Raa'id's,.. Sorry Kak Azwa,.. Coudnt attend your wedd reception, banyak tempat nak kene singgah,.. May Allah Bless Your New Life Kak Azwa!


fiza said...

i miss you guys so damn much! (T_T)

hug me! uummmphhh~

||kiena|| said...

hug hug fiza,..


u r the next organizer kan for our 'get together'?? hehehehe