Thursday, July 15, 2010

Massaging Your Baby,..

Have u done and apply baby massage after each bath, mommies?
Supposed i attend the Johnson's baby Touch Infant Massage Workshop on the 25th August at Sunway Hotel Resort & Spa, but Ziyaad Ilhaam will have his 6mnths appoinment with pediatrician... 
It's not easy for me to have massage session with Ziyaad Ilhaam
He is not patient enough waiting for dress up,.. haih,.. such a sporty baby!!! 
If i took long time for massaging, he will make sound and then crying for me to dress him ASAP,.. 
Nasib baik kulit masih lagi 'selembut kulit bayi' >> iklan Johnson's lah tuh,.. hehehe 
i thought going to the workshop can help me improving my massaging session with Ziyaad Ilhaam,.. 
OK here is 'Touch Massage Steps' i found in Johnson's website,.. urghhhh i still want to join the workshop! Hope they will organise next workshop,.. =(

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