Thursday, July 22, 2010

Baby Needs Dental Hygiene,..

Many says, good dental hygiene should start early. We should begin cleaning our baby teeth once he starts teething. Most of us unaware our baby is exposed to sugars. Okay this also new to me >>> breast milk contains natural sugar which can cause tooth decay!!! Ho ho ho therefore it is important for us to take care our baby's teeth,..

This article i got from webs which says:-

Your little one should start to teeth at around six months old and will continue to have a complete set of 20 milk teeth by two and a half years old. A healthy set of teeth is essential for baby's development. With good teeth, your child can enjoy a healthy diet, thereby allowing proper jaw growth and speech development.

Lesson 1
For babies over seven months with two to three milk teeth.
  • Thick and contoured handle is easy to grasp.
  • Elastic rubber head feels soft on baby's gums.
CAUTION: Make certain that shield is attached to prevent choking.

Lesson 2
For babies over 11 months with eight to 10 milk teeth.
  • Rubber bristles are soft and tender to baby's gums.
  • Fine bristle-ends allow for thorough cleaning of every part of teeth and in-between teeth.

Lesson 3
With all his milk teeth has grown, your child is now ready to practise dental hygiene with his first real toothbrush and toothpaste.
  • Rounded bristles are tender and gentle on your child's gums.
Remember, proper toothbrushing techniques from the very first stage of training will help your child enjoy a lifetime of healthy teeth.
Pssst,.. i already bought the training toothbrush (PIGEON) set and my Ziyaad Ilhaam has been trained! Yeay =P


zyalyas said...

A'ah..btl tu cibo.anak akak umur 6bln dh berus gigi cz 5bln dh tmbuh gg.mula2 tu mmg agak ssh skit lama2 ok.

skang setiap kl mandi,benda 1st yg dia capai ialah berus gigi..haha..kiranya,ank2 ni bl kt sll ajar,diorg akan cpt igt...

masjuliana said...

ziyaad ilham dah tumbuh gigi eh?

||kiena|| said...

kak zie: btul3,.. melentur buluh biar dari rebung nya,.. =)

mas: anak aku tak tumbuh gigi lagi tp sbb dia da start solid food, tu yang aku practice lepas makan kene berus gusi bukan gigi ye,.. =p

This is .... said...

Thanks for sharing kiena..
Nak beli jugaklah colourful toothbrush utk Haikal. :)

||kiena|| said...

Emi: u r most welcome! Beli beli beli! hehehe =)

This is .... said...

tulah kiena, husband aku cakap dah takde perkataan lain ke selain beli?

abis, kalau tak beli, macam mana nak dapat? curik ke? haha..