Friday, July 23, 2010

End-up with J.Lo

As usual my Friday Break was filled with window shopping at SOGO, wow weeeeeeeee SALE SALE SALE, pernah ke SOGO tak SALE??? ahahahaha,.. OK before went there i've asked my dear laling's permission to buy anything (i dont specify any to him =p therefore i can buy more =P) which i like,.. On the way there i've been listed several things on (my mind) to buy which are my Ziyaad Ilhaam's socks (tak muat Ok bila i bought size of 6-9mnths!?!), T-Shirt (wear for site), last but not least perfume. Arrived and start browsing and testing the perfume, then heading to Children department for socks and bought 6 pairs size of 12-18mnths (hopefully it will fit u, my dear son!). It was uncomplete if not window shopping at Women Department,.. browsing few dresses and T-shirt, but it none caught my eyes,.. then went to LEVI'S section,.. hmmm tried LEVI'S limited edition (SAN FRANCISCO) ouh it really really really make me want to have it,.. the cutting, the comfortableness, it's hard for me to resist! But the price stop me from buying =( hehehe i need to consult my laling first eventhough he will not pay for me,.. RM229 okay!!! Lucky me i found my laling at F&B section (GF) hahaha i dragged him to perfume section,.. Dear laling made decision for me and Finally i got my new perfume after 2 years! Hoh,.. agak lama perfume Black XS ku bertahan,.. 

Which one huh!?!





This is .... said...

bila nak beli perfume, aku selalu tunggu parkson bonuslink member day.. selain dapat 5x bonuslink point, dapat jugak double voucher.. let say beli perfume harga RM300, dapat RM30+RM20 cash voucher.. So, voucher tu boleh beli benda lain.. Iaitu barang Haikal semestinya.. huhuhu..
Ni tunggu Bonuslink day, nak beli my hubby's perfume pulak?

||kiena|| said...

hoh gtuh,.. xpe next perfume aku tunggu bonuslink member day,.. tahun nih alocation perfume da habes diguna,.. mungkin boleh beli jeans LEVIS kot kat parkson =)

This is .... said...

haha..good idea.. tapi, xsure la kat parkson mana ada levis.. try survey dulu sebelum pergi...