Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Quick Update at Fren's Wedd Reception

Last Saturday, as usual half day work at site, settled here and there, then picked-up Little Liam to attend Wedd Reception at Putrajaya. 

Congratulation Dear Fahd & Hasni, May Allah Grant U Happiness and Bless The Newly Build Family,..

Also a quick catch up with dear LOVE Angel, Ezanita,.. Liam also met his futsal fren, Raa'id! Have to arrange more gathering later! Then we can have more time for mum's talk, food and some son's activities perhaps! Ouh not forgotten work,.. hehehehe


Siti said...

both of them sgt cute..

||kiena|| said...

siti: mommies tak kiut ke? hehehe

Siti said...

hehe..mommies surely the cutest....:)