Saturday, December 18, 2010

Attending Wedd Reception,..

... of Naziha (Gia) and Megat Daniff Shahriman (Megat/Bambam) at Dewan Perdana Felda ...
The bride was a son of my mum's best-friend, and we attend the reception as their entourage!
The colour theme was 'Ice Blue'...
Yes, a good reason to buy a new dress, i guess! =P
Yesterday Friday prayer break, went to Maju Junction (MJ) and SOGO just to find the 'ice blue'.
I thought, Noor Arfa (NA) was at MJ, but it's at SOGO...
No ice blue at NA, and end up with MOON =)
It fall nicely on me, and i LOVE the details tho it's simple!
Ehemm ehemm, please tell me it's worth buying! =P
The 'Pelamin'... santek!
The Bride n Groom.
May Be Blessed.


 Like sisters, huh??? 
Mom, me and mom's elder sis =)


kayzie said...

gmbar liam takde ke kak?hehe

||kiena|| said...

ahaha Liam kene tggl dengan papa! =P

wawan said...

Cantiknya pengantinnn pelamin pun cantikkkk