Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day 1 at Damai Laut

Swiss Garden Damai Laut to be particular. Arrived KTM Batu Gajah at 0100 after delayed 45mins at KL Sentral. And reached resort at 0230. It was safe journey and Little Liam didn't give trouble along the journey. He slept all the way! :P Thank you dear for being well behaved, Love you. Xoxo. Oh, not forgotten also to dear laling for fetching us and keep on calling me just to make sure I didn't miss the stop! :P kekeke

So what we did this morning while waiting dear laling for lunch break?

Weeeee Ibu n Little Liam touring the pool side n Ibu let Little Liam have fun at Kids Corner!
Pssst... Still waiting dear laling for lunch. Susah pula nak amik makanan bila tak ada orang blh look for him, ye lah buffer style!

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~ZuE~ said...

one of d best place lah!!! everything was superb during my stay there hehe

ANNA NUR said...

woow weee... adventure sungguh ye kamu pn kiena..

||kiena|| said...

Kak zue: it a nice place for vacay! N surely not for shopping o jalan2. I had my piece of mind therapy here... :)

Anna Nur: kalau mahu seribu daya! :P