Friday, May 25, 2012

The Reason to Participate in Being Me on 30th June, Matrade KL

A lot of program which beneficent Muslimah has been organized for! I bet you, you will surely love and enjoy the 1 whole day on the 30th June! 
Let me list you the program which will be held:  (Source:
A. Conference Program
Topics for Main Hall:
1. The Power of Change – Dr. Fadila Grine
2. Free from all other masters, Empowering Women – Sis. Yasmin Mogahed
3. Muslim Women and the Ummah; Reality and Challenges – Dr. Halima Boukerroucha
4. How to increase your faith? – Sis. Raya Shokatfard
5. Achieving Balance, Inside Out – Sheikh Yahya Ibrahim
6. Inside Out – Nurturing our Soul – Sheikh Yahya Ibrahim
7. The importance of role models – why do we need them? – Sis. Myriam Francois-Cerrah
8. Do we need Islamic feminism? – Sis. Myriam Francois-Cerrah
B. Workshop
The Being ME conference will host a number of parallel sessions and workshops on topics effecting the lives of Muslim women today. Our guest speakers will share their knowledge and experience with the attendees with vibrant panel discussions and Q&A sessions.
Topic & speaker:
  • The Art of Mothering - Dr. Fadila Grine

  • Parenting according to the Qur’an & Sunnah - Dr. Hajah Sofia

  • Unleash your potential - Sis. Jamilah Samian

  • “The Greatest Love of All: Do we really love Allah most?” – Sis. Yasmin Mogahed

  • How to please Allah while working – Sis. Raya Shokatfard

  • Being Beautiful is about Being Me : A creative outlook in making the most out of “ME” – Sis. Haslina Ali

C. Sisters Corner

Being ME offers you the perfect place to take a moment to relax and unwind from your day. Drop by and register yourself for our amazing services to revitalize your body, mind and soul for a nominal fee.
Consider getting your make-up, nails or henna done! How about a new hairstyle or a hijab-style that you haven’t tried before?
The ultimate beauty oasis gives you a fun experience with sleek style and stunning results. Sisters’ Corner is the perfect place for you to feel pampered and inspired.
Registration opens at 11 am at the registration desks (Ground Level).
D. Fashion Show
E. Me & Other Half
It will offer a workshop (see the section Workshops with regards to the timing of the classes) on some of the key ingredients to keeping a proactive approach to a happy family. From finding the right spouse to keeping the spouse and in-laws happy!
In this workshop you will learn:
  • What to look for in a spouse

  • Preparing yourself for marriage

  • Learning the art speaking and listening

  • Dealing with your spouse, the in-laws and the kids

  • Keeping the spark or reigniting it in your marriage

The workshop caters for both single and married participants and if you’ve ever wanted to know what it takes for playing happy families then this is a workshop not to miss!
F. Daddy Daycare
Kids, a lot like scientists, are always exploring the world in which they live. While you prepare to enjoy your conference experience we encourage you to let your own little scientist, between the ages of 4-13, embark upon an adventure into our Children’s Program. Fathers are encourage to participate in these events with their children but it is not compulsory
Learning is a language that should be spoken at the level of the child. Our aim is to create a Children’s Program which strikes a balance between your child’s unquenchable thirst for fun and the importance of understanding the religion of Allah. The Being ME Children’s Program “Daddy Daycare” will insha’Allah offer an absolute and all encompassing integration of fun, excitement, and spirituality which will make your conference journey a family fun filled experience.
Our unique approach combines high energy activities with heart melting halaqa’s which transforms our Children’s Program into an amazing resource to satisfy your child’s curiosity and match their energy stores. From activities which build cooperative learning skills to mini-halaqas our Children’s Program offers a fantastic program to keep your little scientist entertained throughout your conference experience.
Registration for the Children’s Program will be taking place on the day of the conference on a first come first serve basis. Parents will be required to do a separate registration for the children who are to participate in this program.
G. Muslimah Award
Being ME is a conference organized by women for women. The first annual Awards Session is dedicated to phenomenal leaders. These Muslimahs have made exceptional contributions by using their talents towards enhancing the lives of others and inspiring many to follow their lead.
Recipients will be recognized during the Awards Session and we ask that the nominee attend this event. The event will be held on Saturday 30th June 2012 from 10am – 10pm at MATRADE Exhibition & Convention Centre, Jalan Khidmat Usaha, Off Jalan Duta, Petaling Jaya.
We appreciate you taking the time to help us showcase the achievements of empowering Muslimah revolutionaries of our time.

For mothers who will be tagging a kid like me (yes, the breastfeeding Mom especially, and cant be apart with their child below 3years), dont worry... They provide Mother's Room, and will not miss any conference, InsyaAllah! So, mommies, i will see you all in Mother's Room ya! Spread the LOVE.. ;)

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