Thursday, May 24, 2012

Jom order Pyrex, Tefal & Whittard!

Alhamdulillah dapat sambutan yang hangat menggalakkan. Maka, aku nak buat gentle reminder di sini. Last order & 40% deposit will be collected on 31st May 2012. I will PM you on payment details. InsyaAllah if let say more people want to order i will ask my friend for any gift *fridge magnet UK pon ok kan? hihihi*. So, let's join us to order more! 3 kali bayar you. Takkan tak mau?? Ok. It will takes 2 months to arrive once confirmed, deposit paid & shipped. For the 1st month, pay 30% and balance of 30% upon arrival which is on 2nd month. For buyers outside KL, i will charge postage fee accordingly. Lucky enuff for KL buyers, I dont charge you on the delivery if you are in my circuit (wangsa maju - setiawangsa - ulu kelang - KL city)

Ni nak perhangatkan lagi dengan sedikit teaser barang dari UK. For complete catalog, do email me sakinaadam{at}

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