Thursday, September 13, 2012

What I did for life,..

Interior Design. 
I live with it. I'm taking care of client interest and advice them necessarily tho' it's hard to convince them when they are really into something. *no words can pull them off*

Some of the works.

If you need storage, go for full height build-ins, utilise it and your space will be clean and neat!

Storage under staircase, another alternative. 

Said before, realising client's wish! Taraaaaaaaaaa... *gulp. no further comment*

Its a built-ins served multi purpose, as a divider, centre piece, display and storage. *wallpaper at the back not yet being installed which is by others*


BuDaK cOmOt said...

waahhhh one day nak kamu jadi ID umah kita laa...insyaALLAH...

:: !zyan :: said...

Waaaa jatuh cinta dgn tangga n storage bwh tangga tu, tp x mampu lg skrg sobsobsob ):51

||kiena|| said...

Budak comot, insyaallah! ;)

Izyan, kayuh pelan2. aku pon tgh saving utk next phase.