Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Moo Cow,..

Have u ever tried yogurt ice cream? Like Tutti Frutti? Snogurt? Hah, the most 'comel' yogurt ice cream booth would be MOO COW! Bet u agreed with me! The cute animals, and the signature statue, a cow which attract kids to linger around the booth. Yes, Liam gets excited whenever he see the booth. 

"Ibu, Liam nak tengok cow! Papa! Cow! mooooo...." *yes, siap dengan bunyi ye,.. :P* 

Moo Cow at KLCC

Having our first cup at Moo Cow, Great Easter Mall Jalan Ampang. *muka 'asyik' ya dapat makan ice cream after playclass*
Today, after Liam's playclass we had a chance to give it a try! Woooohu! For me, it taste better than tutti frutti, really rich of yogurt. And its economical, no fancy topping like tutti frutti, but its the yogurt ice cream! Not the topping. *okeh, topping banyak2 cekik nyawa uols! mahai!* 

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