Friday, September 21, 2012

Bread Pudding with Chocolate Chip

Now, would like to share the easy peasy recipe of bread pudding! I think i did post it once, but try this! Slightly different as i amended with what ever i have. Please take note, if you want to 'derhaka' recipe like me, you must know the rule of thumb in making pudding; 5 eggs : 1 litre liquid. What if 3 eggs? Yes, u need 600ml liquid. Liquid can be mixture of milk with water or etc.
So, the ingredients:-
4 eggs
300ml fresh milk
400ml evaporated milk
100ml sweetened milk
1 tspn vanilla essence
10 pcs white bread (cut into small pcs)
Chocolate chips
1. Beat eggs in medium bowl
2. Add in all liquid and whisk until well mix.
3. Pour half of batter in to baking pan *i used my square pyrex* then arrange half of the bread into it. Sprinkle chocolate chip on it.
4. Pour the rest of batter, bread and sprinkle chocolate chip on top.
**kenapa perlu separuh-separuh? Sebab nak pastikan roti tu terendam dalam bancuhan telur & susu tu. Jika perlu, press lightly supaya roti serap liquid.
Bake it for 30mins w 180deg



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