Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Book & Coffee,...

Good combo! My bestfriend forever. Yes, lately i make sure there is 'me time' everyday. Really boost up the day i told ya! For me, i found my 'me time' before heading to office from Beverly Heights. I will go out at 8.00am and drop by at On The Run, Esso, MRR2 and thats the good place for Coffee & book. Half an hour filled with LOVE.

Hmmm,..At home, I can only read when The Ziyaad slept, which is impossible if I didn't sleep along! :P *terbabas tidur skali while nursing;)* Or else reading early in the morning, but I usually use that early morning to settle housechores. Maklumlah, in weekend je nak buat segala benda kat rumah tu, kalau attend kuliah or talk, kena la curi masa lain pula. So the best reading time is before heading for work. Korang pula macam mana?

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