Sunday, October 2, 2011

Swimming with Family,..

... Sunday morning, my mum, sis n brother came over Suria Jelatek for breakfast (they brought nasi dagang for us, n theirs). And later we had 'SPLASH w/ Family'. Liam had soooooo much fun swimming this morning. The last time he swim was with his Pak Lang (my brother, who now at London continue study there)!

Afternoon I got 2 invitations of open house n birthday party cum house warming. Alhamdulillah managed to fulfill the invitations.

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yun said...

a'ah..tq dtg kiena..sorry, xterlayan...nanti dah deliver hello hello aku yer..:)

||kiena|| said...

Heh, takde hal lah nurul! Yg penting dpt hadir birthday party aqeef, n dpt jugak smpi rumah baru ko yg blom duduk sepenuhnya lagi tuh,... Huhuhu,..

yun said...

amboi...perli nampak...!!!