Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Purchase and Support,..

Currently Gin&Jacqie, http://www.ginjacqie.com show their support to BCWA! Breast Cancer Awareness Month, They are doing sales for pink items started from 10th Oct till End of the month!

Yes, I also show my support to BCWA with buying G&A pink item! They do sales for pink item. *kan kempen breast cancer tuh gune ribbon pink* Hahaha I've been eyeing the DOUBLE-UP ABBI which is an organizer which can also stores iPad, from the day they launched it! *hopes that 1 day it become sales item* and for BCWA they did! Not taking so much tot on it, I bought with some other things which cost me *teeeet* heeeee oh, for other item which not in pink I used my birthday voucher and still I found it worth to buy,.. It's practical! And like before, I got complimentary beg BCWA! Which I found it soooo cute, Love & Faith *weeeee.. soooka lah shopping dgn G&A.

Pssst klu tak sale, harga dia RM79.90, for BCWA it's only RM63.92. Senang bile gune bag organizer ni sbb sume brg tersimpan kemas, and yang penting dear laling senang nak cari barang! Before this dia dok bising, susah nak cari barang inside my bag, siap buat ayat "lagi besar beg, lagi bnyk barang dok simpan, lagi susah nak cari!" hah, amik kau! Sekarang? Tak lagi,.. :) ai dah susun elok,... And the iPad pon ade compartment sndr,.. Bila tukar beg angkat beg organizer je, Tak yah risau tertinggal iPad kalau tukar beg,.. Oh, and also other important items :P

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Faaein Talip Roy said...

kira betul-betul brpuas hati lah ni? hehehe.. nice bag.. pink kaler.. suka lah.. ^^,

||kiena|| said...

Puas hati sbb dpt diskaun ;) n things can be organized :))