Monday, June 13, 2011

Sunday without Papa

Alhamdulillah, succeed n survived without papa at home! hahaha yes, it was 1st weekend we (me and Liam) being left at home and papa working at the office. Oh, this was only a beginning, more to come since dear laling back to work with consultant firm. I’m not complaining, I am happy n delightful if he is busy working to raise our little family and not forgotten to fulfill his requirement in his professionalism & gain experience. Back to the weekend! Luckily my SIL and BIL were around! Fuh,.. blh juge teman kan Liam n melayan kerenah Liam while ibu have some rest bile rase sakit2 belakang. (Lately my belly start having mild-pain and back-ache,.. Penat kot melayan si Liam and menguruskan kerja rumah)

Saturday, no photo! as I was busy monitoring contractor’s work: touch-up works.



Woke up early to prepare Roti Jala n Kari Daging for breakfast. Dear laling need to be at the office at 11am. I was happy enough when my ‘jala’ was quite nice! hahaha is it because of the non-stick pan!?! yeah,.. pretty love the pan! (lupe brand dah,.. sbb dpt harga murah when collecting points shopping at Parkson!) oh, I substituted 1/4 of water with santan in the mixture of roti jala! More stars for that! kekeke. Kari Daging? Heh, mestilah tak dapat lawan kari india yg dear laling masak dulu! Kalau nk tunggu dear laling yg masak mestilah lagi lambat buleh makan! bnyak sgt aturcara,.. me buat yg biasa2 aje,.. tak payah ngade nk buat yg bnyak sgt step tuh! kang sakit pinggang tak sape nk tlg urut,.. Eh, tp perasan tak serbuk kari adabi tuh semakin pedas,..? ade black pepper kot! or it’s just me yg dah tak tahan pedas sejak masuk 5 months??? heh!

When, being left I need car for me to run errands! Ok, it is not so much running errands but ‘menggeletis mau jalan2’! hahaha so dear laling dropped me at mum’s house odw out and borrowed sis’ car! Yeah,.. called mum, and joined them for lunch and ‘pow’ some treats! Liam’s hair-cut and some household stuff! Thank you Mak! (Heh,.. susah lah xde income setengah bulan, dlm otak membayangkan kalau staff yg takde gaji cmne la diorng nak survive,.. Alhamdulillah,.. I have them,ma familia! sob sob sob nangis sedeh n terharu! Stress juge bile tak de income but insyaallah more to come. Be patient!)

How was Liam having his 1st hair-cut? Biasa his papa yg jadi hairstylist, but cant wait any longer anymore when papa starts busy,.. decided to have it at kwik-cut! RM13 okeh,.. mahal! tak kire umur for normal hair-cut! heh,. tak pe granma’s treat! He was soooo well-behave! but towards the end he became cranky! Geli kot mase potong rambut depan and rase rambut kat tepi2 leher…. Tuh macam tak potong je rambut depan tuh,. tak pe lah,.. nnt ade mase papa trim yeh,..


hmmm.. tak dpt nak snap gmbr habis potong rambut sbb dia dah nangis n need hugs! heh!

Psst… Best lah gune Windows Live Writer nih,.. senang letak emoticon! Hot smilehehehe nak letak lagi? Nah Just kidding hehehe so gune lah software nih! Free je donlod!


Wan Anis Sorfina said...

bak roti jala sini sikit,liam..

Tulip Chantek said...

haha. nice blog! camne nak guna windows live writer ni kak? da donlod. tapi tak jadi ape pun? huhu

||kiena|| said...

tulip chantik,
u kene gune windows live writer utk blogpost! then ade button insert for emoticon! klu buat entry baru gune blogger mmg takde, but gune kan windows live writer!

Tulip Chantek said...

ahaha..paham dah. paham dah. thankss! excited ni..hihi :)