Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I Heart Them!


IMS_9396IMS_9399IMS_9401… The last time we met was at my brother's Wedd Reception on March. It has been 3 months! So, on last Sunday which was also father’s day, my dear angels, Hanim & Eza with their son came for lunch. Thank you girls! Soooooo happy to meet you both. Letting the kids having fun playing among themselves while fathers look after them. We had a short chat too! Next time we should arrange picnic by the pool at my house eh? The 3 kids will enjoy the splashing session whilst us can have tupperware session (like Hanim said! =P) Oh, we better have it before my 2nd child pop-out! or else we gonna have it like a half year after =P… Love u girls soooooooooo much! Muah muah muah…

The 3 Stooges


ah, should have taken photos of them ‘berebut-nak-naik-slide-dari-depan-belakang’!!! Comeeeeel sgt! My house will turn out to be nursery if kiddies come over, hehehe sbb semua nak main Slide =) Si Liam plak sibuk nak main bile ade geng! klu tak, tak heran langsung! Heh,..

Raa’id mmg ganas ah!

Iman still such a baby.

Liam??? hmmm…