Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Started at 20,..

… yes I’m back with online shopping today! At my 20 weeks pregnancy! haih,.. but no fulus lorh,.. sob sob sob Crying faceterpakse pinjam with dear laling… my payment tak dpt lagi,.. My last month salary pulak dah habis beli brg2 utk the new crib,..

Ok fine, if u said I can hold n wait for the payment, I will scream out loud, NOOOOOOOOOOOO!

My belly bottom starts to show, and this morning I had hard time to select my outfit for work! haih, all the dresses I wore for 1st maternity have been sold! *clap *clap *clap* (ok, my laling will have that point to scold me for being shoppaholic again!) Hopefully next week I can have the payment and I can issue out my salary! half month ok not having fulus,.. for a week I strained myself to ask pocket money from my laling,.. but today,.. haih, I cant help it anymore, the dress was soooooooooo tempting! Sarcastic smile……………pinjam dulu eh nnt syg byr balik Embarrassed smile

Jom kite usha lagi,… heeeeeeeeee click the image for the link


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Tulip Chantek said...

hi...nice blog!

boleh tak share camne letak emoticon kat post tuh ek? :)