Monday, June 6, 2011

Girls and Kiddies...

... at my new crib! Yeay, alhamdulillah small reunion for us i guess,.. Eventhough only 4 of us (IDeaUSM Clan) but it was an happy hour indeed for us! Quite some time jugak la for us tak bersua walaupon ade je yg dok KL, tp masing2 ade hal yg perlu diuruskan,.. 

Thanx korang dapat dtg dinner at my place,.. Nanti free dtg lg eh.. =)
(L-R: Me n Little Liam, Jazmin, Sayyidah, Razlinda n Syahmi

Jom layan gambar my Little Liam yang dah nk jd abang Oktober nnt, InsyaAllah,.. 

 My Little Liam n Syahmi Darwisy (Linda's Son! Comel kan? Linda pggl ayang! hahaha soooo cute lah!)

 Liam's fevret position! Haih... 
Haih,.. Ibu relakan aje,.. Asalkan dia behave, tak melompat! =P

Tak sabar nk tunggu bln 8, time for bby's and mummy's shopping! Heeee,.. tp gender not yet to be known,.. pemalu ni,.. it's okay, hopefully bln 8 tau lah nk shopping ape eh,.. blue or pink? kekeke...

Btw, Thank you JZ for the piccas! and also to the photographer, Dayah Senget!

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