Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Quality Time with The Ziyaads

Last nite we spend sometime colouring with The Ziyaads!
Usually its only on reading / browsing books.

They were sooooo excited colouring only on LEGO things.*last nite papa print some LEGO colouring pages*  They don't bother to colour their CARS colouring book or even TOYS STORY. Those books only for them to 'content-conteng'!

Actually Adik never had a proper colouring session, he only do the 'conteng-conteng' :P But, alhamdulillah he is a good observer & good in mastering skills! I only guide his hand once, and he wanted to do it himself after that!*siap tepis tangan ibu sebab nak buat sendiri!* That was ohsem! *last time his brother i need to guide many times,.. he ignored & not concentrating while I'm guiding his hand,duh!*

Nah, if you oso looking for colouring pages for your kids! Click here

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