Monday, November 17, 2014

Twins of Faith, Family Gathering 2014.

Have you bought your Twins of Faith 2014 tickets yet? You don't want to miss out on this years theme- "World of the Unseen!"

Which topics are you looking forward to at the Twins of Faith 2014 - World of the Unseen?

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Alhamdulillah this year gonna be my 4th year volunteering in this Twins of Faith, Family Festival!
Which areas am always on to? Hahaha sebab masa 1st time volunteering, my Bobot (aka adik) is attached with me, so decided to volunteer in Mother's Room. Senang nak breastfeed Bobot, he was 6 months back then. Alhamdulillah it was a good experience being a volunteer. Insyaallah trying my best to participate with the team every year.

Bagi yang 1st time attending or tak pernah masuk Mother's Room masa Twins of Faith in previous years and this year you need to be in the Mother's Room, worry not! For toddler and children age 4 and below are only allowed to be in the mothers room with their mothers and its free. There will be a live feed from the main hall in the mothers room inshaAllah. We try our best to accommodate the mom's & baby's need.

So as a volunteer, we have the advantage to give you a special price then!
Now, via website no more early bird price, its full price :-)

Do PM me via email/WA. 

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