Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Life #1

Life is unpredictable. You thought u had enough but, nothing last. Yes. Even a decision can hurt others where you think you can live alone by that. Sometime you felt that you being left and unappreciated. Yes. There's a time you feel like you want to stop contributing. Please don't stop. Even your mouth say yes, deep in your heart you know you cant. You just need a space to shout it out. Yell it dear. No. Have you forgotten something? Oh Yes, you have Allah. Always. *bersandar pada Allah adalah lebih baik* 

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Anonymous said...

Yeap! Bersandar pada dia.. Sometimes life can be hard on us.. But He only tested us becoz He know we can face it... C u tomorrow... :) -www.bittersweetkopi.blogspot.com