Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ziyaad Ilhaam @ 4 Months

4 Months Old.. 2 months to go for exclusive BF period,.. 
And i'm trying my best to continue BF him as long as he need milk!
Since my sister had her 1st pay while me back to AT's (after long due =p)
We planned to treat our big family with family lunch at PAVILION
We had DA ON which is KOREAN CUISINE
Superb and such an healthy lunch,.. we had all grilled!
Plus we dont need to grille the food on our own, there's a waiter in-charge for grilling purposes,..
Hahaha tunggu masak and makan aje,.. 
Nak malas lagi pon buleh, dia hidang dalam pinggan makan kita!

Owh,.. my dear Laling didnt join us coz he has something to be done 
And somemore he will get bored when we have our KARAOKE session 
(hahaha compulsary session if it is a big treat for family
Ziyaad Ilhaam !?! 
He was doing well with the KARAOKE session
Siap buleh tido lagi walaupon bising and terjerit2 ibu, genma, atuk and mak ngah nyanyi
(Papa memang tak minat mende terjerit2 so memang la dia plan baik tak join)

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