Friday, June 18, 2010


It's been a week or more i've been neglecting my dearest blog wif my litle family's activities,..
Is not that i dont have time for blogging,.. ermmm priority always come first,..

Starting from 24th May i'm officially Resident Architect for ID renovation project,..
It's an opportunity for me to learn construction method and works.
It's quite tough though and lots to catch up everyday.
Every problem and design to resolve on site.
Ouh, not forgotten Saturday is a working day for site representative.
Of course i have to work as i've been paid high equally.

How's my wife chores and being a mother to Z.Ilhaam after office hour?
I would like to answer honestly that i've been very lazy person after i got back from work!
Yeah,.. it's the truth! I can cover the chores only on weekend!
That is the time for cleaning the house, washing and cook for the LOVE one..
My dear laling tak suka makan kat luar sangat he prefer me to cook! 
Mujur dia tak cerewet, makan aje ape yang i masak~
Ironing?? All washed clothes will be ironed on Monday morning (start from 5am)
Is not that i want to complaint but i need more time to rest after a day work at site with LOTS of issue from site,..
So bila balik rumah dari pick-up my Z.Ilhaam (around 8.30pm sampai rumah) i terus tido bersama2 my Z.Ilhaam until the next morning!
But still an early morning, 5am,.. That is time for my pumping session,.
Ouh sejak duduk site nih sgt la kurang my pumping session,.. usually i had 2-3 times but now at site i only had 1!!!
Alhamdulillah still can occupied the need of my Z.Ilhaam,.. I only provide stock of EBM for the next day feeding everyday but still i have to make sure that the next day feeding is enough for him!

It's nearly 2 months and i hope i can cope all these until the project done!
Expected to finish by November InsyaAllah
Ya Allah,.. please give strength for me to move on everyday
and not to forget - Bless My Little Family~


kayzie said...

akak..ziyaad still lum cmpur susu ek??bgusnye dgn kesibukan akak still dpt wat pun nk ikut jejak..hehe

||kiena|| said...

alhamdulillah kayzie,..
mmg akak bertegas sgt xmo campur,..
akak tau awak pon sama kan!
so same2 la kita berusaha!!!