Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ziyaad Ilhaam's Bathing Session

Nearly 2 months i was struggling to bath him at wash basin (only at Sentul, tuh laaa segala kelengkapan mandi ibu letak kat rumah Genma,hmmm...), 
Therefore, last 2 weeks i bought this pool featuring pooh and friends (and of course tigger is a must) at toys'rus...
Weeeeeeeeee Ziyaad Ilhaam having soooooo much fun during his bath session,.. 
oh why ibu didnt think of this method in the 1st place!?! 
His leg kicking actively and he enjoyed the splashing water... 
Ibu and papa had a great time seeing u as u had an enjoyable moment with the pool  


So after this we can had our swimming session,..
 lalalala hardly cant wait for that,.. 

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