Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

The Mothers and Mother's-To-Be
Ibu and Ziyaad Ilhaam
Ibu and Ziyaad Ilhaam ( Closed up)

Happy Belated Mother's Day !!

My 1st celebration and it was at Penang...
Thanks to AT Associates for organising this office trip,..
I wanted to go Penang sooooooooo much since pregnant,.. 
Thus, we managed to eat Cheese Nan Tandoori at Restoran Kapitan!
I told u it was TERBAIK!!! Hahaha but still craving MOI SUP @ RED HOUSE, USM
Just past through jer,.. 
Tak sempat nak masuk coz i and laling were the tourist guard for the trip!
Hmmmm look forward to come here AGAIN,..
I just LOVE Penang especially the FOOD,.. 
I can simply gain weight here,.. 
Dont ask me how much i gained after the trip especially the flabby tummy! 
Please get back to normal dear tummy,.. hahaha 
Easy to gain but hard loss,...urghhhh

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