Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Happy Eid Adha!

I had a long holiday on Eid Adha. 

Yes, i purposely planned for that as i for-see am gonna fully occupied with works and programme in JB. To celebrate Eid with family, Mom has planned for 'Family Eid on Saturday' and asked me whether i can make them Choc Molten Lava Cupcake. Just because, am gonna be back in my on kitchen for baking only on Friday evening, i insisted that am only providing them LEMON CHEESE TART & WALNUT BROWNIES. Yup, my kitchen is where my baking mojo always do the best. 

These are the desserts we had on Family Eid! Additional to my dessert's task are Mom's Specialty; Apple Pie and Baklava i bought from an arab groceries shop, Berkat Madinah. If you are fan of arab food like spices, dates, bread, etc. please do pay them a visit. Its located at 17-L1, Jalan Ampang Putra, Ampang. And as a gentle reminder, please bring cash as they don't take any credits. 

One of the most important thing to do when am back in KL, is cleaning up & tidying the kitchen! Yup, am really strict on that. I can't tolerate a messy kitchen. Its a big NO! NO! Soon am gonna miss my lovely kitchen. Yup, the place where we mostly build & strengthen the Family LOVE, obviously with cooks & bakes. 

A night before going back to work reality, i baked Congo Bars to feed JB's colleagues. I made a little twist to the basic recipe as i had a balance of walnut from the brownies earlier.

I cut to small cube and packed some for the boys. Abang Liam suke sangat apa saja ibu dia masak. He will always be the first one who excited and wants to eat once it baked.

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