Thursday, September 3, 2015

Dokoh... Oh Dokoh...

Shawl : DUCK | Top : lenaleedesign | Necklace : werksandwit | Shoes : Charles & Keith
Hello .. Hello Thursday!
Am soo in a good mood! 
Naaaa.. Because got to wear my not-so-long-waited Dokoh (necklace) 
It's soooo perfect to be paired with plain top.
Close-up of Dokoh & Satin Top.
Actually i bought two! Yeah,.. later am so gonna get a few to add in my collection.
Ni nak raya ni boleh gak nak digayakan with plain kurung. Weeeeee me so loving it! 

Photo of yesterday once the parcel in hand!
Santek kan? Boleh aaaa usha usha IG werksandwit 
Seriusly korang akan geram dengan custom-made color dia,.. 

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