Monday, October 8, 2012

Bobot is ONE yo!

Today. Bobot officially is ONE year old. I don't have any precious thing to give him, because he is toooo precious than I ever can give. The sweetest boy ;). Alhamdulillah boy, Allah gave u a good health, and am such a blissful mom, managed to fully breastfeed you for a year. Yesterday, we throwed an early celebration for you. Not an expensive one, enough for us to serve our friends the homecook food. *tak dak hire party deco bagai, the tags and gift was all done by moi, simple one of course!* Alhamdulillah thank you Allah, for the wealth given, good for us to raise our kids, insyaAllah the best khalifah u'll be. May Allah bless us continuously, amiin. InsyaAllah.

The Ziyaads & Grenma

Pak Usop, Grenma & Atuk 

Us with DL's Mom 

My 'Jingga-Red-Velvet Cake' for Bobot! 

Sweet Treats for Kiddos and my limited TIRA-MISS-U. **serious lupa nk habaq depa kene makan sejuk, klu tak cair leper the cheese,.. hihihi should tag on the box T.T

The Birthday Boy, Bobot. Ziyaad 'Ilmaan is ONE yo!

Cake & photo session! #1

Cake & photo session! #2

Closing Guest of the day, my HBP USM colleague. Thanx korang! memang made my day! Kalau korang tak datang memang nak merajuk! kikiki 

Thank you friend. No word can replace my gratitude to all of u. More years to count our friendship. 
We may not closed to each other but we do pray good for all.

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diyana Farid said...

yeyayy aku tak sempat pi coz parents aku datang putrajaya. anyway happy birthday bobot!!