Thursday, July 26, 2012

A way for a better muslim #1: Say no to Multiply Indonesia! Save Maryam!

This morning, i watched over a video regarding Multiply Indonesia.

Its a movement to increase the nos of Christ believers. Ya Allah, my heart trembling, afraid and sad *its was really a mixture of  bad & sad feelings*

We have to really take part in #savemaryam to avoid this happen, have you all watched it? Its enlightened our view of what happen in a very so called largest Muslim Country in Asia. Be it at indonesia, but we must also bare in mind, this also could happen to our beloved country. Yes, so what is our role? learn and educate people. Being able to educate others we ourselves have to gain knowledge, understand and mahabbah. MasyaAllah, u will never know how strong mahabbah could do and save the muslim. Our deeds are acountable in every second without miss even its a small deed. And now, i hope with small deed am doing right know, can enlighten the muslim of our roles to protect ourselves, family, friends, community, nation and world from being Christianize. Nauzubillah. 

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Hanis MY said...

saya baru tahu.. nauzubillah...