Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Ziyaad Ilhaam's Performance Day

November 21, 2015. 
Masjid Wilayah Persekutuan, Kuala Lumpur.

Attended Sekolah Islam Adni Raudhah & Hadhonah's Performance Day. We need to send the kids by 8am in the morning for the kids to gather. Ziyaad Ilhaam was so excited and he rehearsed his song along our way. *And adik sang along hahaha selalu sangat dengar abang nyanyi sampai adik pon boleh ikut :P *  

Kene berdiri row no.2 sebab teacher kata dia tinggi. Sokkay abang, ibu nampak awak..

With his teachers. Next year he will continue his 6 years at new school in JB together with his brother. Ibu gonna miss ADNI school so much as they have done a lot to bring out the BEST in Ziyaad Ilhaam. I still can remember the first day we sent him to Raudhah ADNI, and he was not yet recognised alphabets and numbers. Within a year in ADNI, he has developed few skills. 
Alhamdulillah. He has maintained his rank in class in both semesters and also was promoted to K2  which later will straight away go to Primary 2. Ya Allah, your achievement really impressed me, boy. Tapi.. ralat gak ah ibu, sebab cannot continue with ADNI, insyaallah ada rezki balik KL kite sambung AL-Amin.

Outstanding Performance & Best IMAM.
Thank you boy! 
You have done your best.
Eventhough we didnt have much time revision together compared to your 1st semester, you did maintain to be top student in class. 
Am touched and blessed with your achievement. 
May you continue to give the best at your new school. 
Thank you ADNI's teachers.




Later, we had an early lunch at Ben's, Publika to celebrate the boy of the day. Thank you Cik Da for the reward. Lepas ni kene study hard lagi for more reward oke! :))

Ade art BAZAR plak! 

 Dah habis jalan kat Publika, Ibu kene melunaskan janji ibu. So, KLCC was our last stop of the day. He aimed the JURASSIC WORLD LEGO. Yeah, the dinosaur-maniac! Penat ibu nego beli yang theme yang lain. *ibu nak pilih yang murah la,.. hu hu hu.. demi anak ku turutkan*

Naaaah... You will only get these when you performed! Nothing can gain easily. I hope this will motivate you continuously. May determination always be in you. Amiin.

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