Thursday, June 18, 2015

Hello new place!

“Bravery hides in amazing places.” 

May Allah bless this journey.
Its not an easy decision,.. 
Being far away from the boys >.<'
I gathered all the courage & put in strong belief that this is the best for us.

Memang aku malas nak disclose kerja kat mana. If ada orang tanya kat social media, especially FB, i will not answer. Unless they ask me privately. In this Construction industry, i have to aware of circumstanced contractors would take the privilege on me. Layan? Malas hokkay. Cukup lah menghadap & tahu benda yang bukan bukan depa buat. Mujur juga i don't have to handle local parties, hahaha rezki betul! Alhamdulillah, every sacrifices will be rewarded accordingly.

Nah,.. A perfect workstation with the best view! Jaga pintu belakang memang best. Heee nak keluar masuk tak perlu melintas bilik bosses (>.-) Pastu mengadap plak harbour! Perghhh layan,.. 

 Ibu rinduuuuuu... *sobs*

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