Sunday, March 17, 2013

Devour #1


Hello peeps! Remember my previous post, regarding the Devour cafe? Alhamdulillah it's fully operated on 19th Jan 2013. *Yet to be launched. Yup, we want to operate for few months before its officially launch. So, before that, enjoy our promotion price for each food and drinks at Devour :)

Wondering why we choosed to be nestled between car service centre and carwash? Have you ever experienced the long wait while your car being repaired / serviced? No things to do while your car being bathed? Hah! here's the solution! Come over and you can have your productive time at Devour! Be it with Illy's Coffee, yes we served great coffee ;), or may be you can have Nasi Lemak, Tarts, Cupcakes, Crepes, etc! It's ALL-DAY-BREAKFAST menu plus the cakes, dessert and sandwiches. WIFI available if you really have works to be done :) See! how much we feel you ;) 

Design & Built by Sakina & Team
Supported by ADAM's & SALIHIM's
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Working from Devour! Yes BOSS! 

Cupcake lover? 

Our Great Coffee at Devour

Long Black / Latte / Cappucino from Illy Coffee

The Signature Cookies served w/ Illy Coffee

Yeay! You can also do your party/event here! 

Please pose at Devour-Mirror-of-Fame! Its a MUST! :))

My Little Helper ;)


Mawar said...

Beautiful place. Tahniah!!

Rose said...

Congratulations. Best nya! Hari2 ada kat situ ka?