Wednesday, December 5, 2012


This morning, on my way for financial training, my car broke-down. The more i press the pedal theres a loud sound of 'krek-krek-krek' from the engine. And to be exact, I was on hi-way! *apa yg teruk sangat klu kat hi-way??? Aaaaaa stress hokkay berenti kat tepi jalan pastu all the cars passed by mcm speedometer! Berdesup sekor sekor lalu. Kereta ai plak bukan kereta mahal, every time depa lalu rasa bergoyang kereta ai,.. Huwaaaaaaaa T.T* So, the first thing I did, called DL. Informed n asked him to come over. Second, called workshop to arrange tow truck. Third, wait them. Yeah, alhamdulillah I'm so lucky dad own a workshop. If not, was soooooo lost in arranging tow truck.

Now, I'm already in my class,.. DL sent. Hopefully I got an exception after lunch break. *tak dak kereta nak balik ghumah uols minta DL tunggu sat*

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