Monday, June 18, 2012

The Ziyaads visit Zoo Negara!

It was DL wish to bring Liam to Zoo Negara. And on last Saturday, I planned with the Adams for a visit. We went there as early as 10am. Yes, it was full of fun! Liam gets to know animals and he was sooooo excited! "Ibu, ibu, e-ham tengok tu!" We surely come again when Bobot big enuff to know the animals. Aisha did suggest to visit Zoo Taiping for next visit. Hmm interesting, ok will plan later! :))
Liam, as usual strange-noise-freak! Dah lama sikit baru OK... 

It was sunny-haze day. By 12 noon, we drove off for Father's Day lunch at KLCC. *no piccas for the lunch as we are so starving by the time we arrived there! :P*
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