Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It's 12!

... yup i still have nausea! oh,.. getting tired of having these. Praying hard things gonna be OK soon even-though i know it's not gonna be 'that' soon,.. haih,.. ye lah, dulu mase Liam after 5 months baru semua OK,.. So kali ni brape lama pulak??? Having nausea while u have to handle works and running errands alone, it's quite challenging! i had problem with taking meals! bila susah makan, mana nak ade tenaga ye tak!?! 

Above: Supervising work progress of new Wet Kitchen and Breakfast Deck.

Half day working at site makes me wanna lye back and rest for the whole day! Yup yesterday after supervising works at site i went back my office and nothing i did, just sit and rest in the office! such an unproductive day at office,.. huh! Boo me there,.. 

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Fadilah R. said...

bertahanlah mommy! u dah lalui sebelum ni. u can do it.