Friday, September 17, 2010

Eid-ul-Fitr at Mom's Hometown!

Alhamdulillah, had a blast Eid this year,.. had an opportunity to celebrate with MAY family at Kesang Tua, Jasin, Melaka on 1st Eid! It's been 2 years i missed to celebrate with them (every 2 years insyaAllah, will celebrate Eid here, ni mengikut perancangan MAY Family laa,..)

So how was the Eid? Fabulous! I LOVE my raya this year sooooooooooo much! why i said so? because if i had my 1st raya on my side it would be fun! i have big closed family (my mum side which is Melaka),.. 

  • We gathered on the night before raya, preparing raya meals and chit chat / updating / gossiping among us,.. Tido pon bersepah je kat ruang tamu, tak kesah pon bilik tak cukup! hehehe,.. 
  • As early as 5.00am, the girls and mommies woke-up to serve breakfast for the whole family! and we had it by 6.00am,.. 
MAY Family : 4 families out of 5 (Not attend: Keluarga Pak Long Azizan Yahya)
  • 9.30am after performed solat sunat eid, we gathered for tahlil, duit raya giving ceremony + bermaaf-maafan, & last but not least photo session! Glad we had D300s! berbaloi-baloi!!! puas hati bergambar ;-)
  • visiting Melaka family members, by 7.00pm heading back to Jengka 21, Pahang,..

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