Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Time-off for Ziyaad Ilhaam

Today i'm working as usual,.. been busy
10am my mum called
and she said her maid (kak kas,who also take care of my ziyaad ilhaam while i'm working) called her.

Kak Kas told her dat my son keep on crying without stop and she got panic...
My mum said she will going home n asked me to do so, afraid if ziyaad ilhaam is not feeling well n need to bring him to clinic.
1030am arrived home, ziyaad ilhaam seem OK n not crying..
My mum said perot die bnyk angin mcm tong drum! erks,..
Pastu die x nk my EBM then i breastfeed him,...
Ouh, he want me to breastfeed him!
and he enjoyed it sooo much and want to sleep on top of me while he breasfeeding,..

(Every night he used to sleep like that ever since i'm breastfeed him again !)
Actually it has been 1 month i didnt breastfeed him i only give him EBM,
sbb my nipples was soooo fragile,..

sgt sakit bile die suck, position sume da btul tp x tau kenapa ziyaad ilhaam ni ganas sgt!
if i breastfeed him i will easily got pissed off and cepat je tangan nak 'babap' si demooks
ade one time my laling tegur
" ape yang digaduhkan dua org tuh"

Now i'm back to breastfeed him since his suckling was not like before,..
Alhamdulillah,.. senang sket ibu n x payah bangun utk 2-3 kali utk EBM
Sekarang smbil tido pon ziyaad ilhaam buleh dapat susu die,.. huhuhu
Bertambah sikit la time tido, ziyaad ilhaam still wake up every 2 hrs for BF

Back to office at 1pm while he was sleeping like this ==>


donarose said...

congratulations dah balik menyusu direct. Lepas ni InsyaAllah lebih senang sbb your nips would not be fragile anymore. dah tahan lasak hehe. based on experience lah, the baby may be still ganas, tapi kita jer yg smakin kuat. :D

||kiena|| said...

alhamdulillah thanx Dona,.. mudah2an bertahan tuk jangka masa yg panjang! heeeeeee,...