Tuesday, August 8, 2017

De-stress-vacay KinaLina to Singapore!

H I A T U S!

Finally made a come back after more than a year!?!
Actually i made few drafts but never continue to post it. *sebab draft semua separuh jalan, semoga yang ni sampai ke hujung jalan ๐Ÿ˜…*


Last Saturday, August 5th, 2017, me and colleague went for 'Destress-vacay to Singapore. Eventhough its only next to JB, yet we enjoyed it soooo much! Naaaaaaah, its just because the weekdays before was really hectic and stressful to us. Eh jap, Lina tu lagi banyak paper, Kina ni apa la sangat stakat tengok ID je kan,..๐Ÿ˜ถ 

I will not share detail itinerary as there was no proper plan, and even I bought the train tickets from JB Sentral - Woodlands - JB Sentral a day before. Lucky us we had the tickets as we want! At first we planned to overnight, however the day we made decision to xx hotel, agoda increased the price ๐Ÿ˜‘ Hence its only a day trip.  Our train to Woodlands is 9am and it was only 5mins ride on the train. Oh, they called it shuttle as they have frequent schedule to Singapore/JB. From Woodlands checkpoint we took bus no. 913 to Woodlands Interchange for MRT (I paid SGD 2 and no change, but aunty who work at Singapore said its only SGD 1.70). *Jangan convert please, its still cheap eh...* Then, from MRT Woodlands we went to Orchard (SGD 2.50) Sebenarnya hakak malam sebelum tu tak boleh tidur, makanya hakak google la ape eh best boleh jalan kat Singapore, skali jupa Orchard Road & Open House and Civic District Outdoor Festival! Haaaaa I remembered 10 years ago, went to Orchard during Christmas Eve, it was a nightmare! Tooooooooo crowded and unbreathable walking along the road. Oh yeaaaaah,.. during that time, ION was still under construction. Mase tu punya kagum tengok image advert kat construction's hoarding diaaaa. Budak HBP USM kata kau!!! Open House tu, its a free entry to National Gallery Singapore in conjunction with Singapore Independence Day, plus the Civic District Outdoor Festival! So this trip was meant for Architectural + Me photos along the Orchard and also 'lepak-lepak-with-ma-girls' at the Festival enjoyed music & watched the light show . *Thank you Mak, bagi pinjam GoPro,.. hehehe๐Ÿ˜*

Ok. Now its time for photos do the talking ๐Ÿ˜ธ
*hakak dah malas nak mengarang, dah lewat malam ni*

At Orchard

Orchard ni memang masuk Mall lain pastu kluar pastu Mall lain plak. Along the way memang banyak Mall, rasa macam Bangkok jugak. Beza nya traffic at Singapore better than Bangkok. Worst oke,.. and klu musim panas jangan la berjalan at Bangkok City Street boleh kene strok haba!

Around 4pm we headed-up to National Gallery Singapore.
Its happened that it was OPEN HOUSE! So the Gallery is free entrance๐Ÿ˜
Kan malam hakak tak boleh tido, website Visit Singapore showed see & do, pastu gi tengok festival & events! Memang helps sangat! I looiiikeeeee!

  • Dates: Fri–Sat 4–5, 11–12 Aug
  • Free admission to all galleries except YAYOI KUSAMA: Life is the Heart of a Rainbow
  • All galleries are open from 10am–12midnight
  • Close of same-day sales of YAYOI KUSAMA: Life is the Heart of a Rainbow is 10.30pm

Done touring the Gallery, we lepak-ing at Padang, which next to the Gallery.

Source : http://www.visitsingapore.com/editorials/whats-happening-in-singapore.html

Civic District Outdoor Festival: It’s Time!

An outdoor festival will be organised over two weekends to extend the art experience beyond the walls of the Gallery and into the Civic District precinct, in which the Gallery is situated in. Visit this festival and discover eye-catching outdoor light installations, immersive theatre performances, as well as a slew of interesting F&B pop-ups.

Date: 4-6 & 11-13 Aug
Venue: National Gallery Singapore, Civic District

Our friend, Ida Lee joined us later after work! Thank you makcik tho its quick catch up, we were so glad to meet you and we had so much fun! Love u my makcik!

By 9.30 we took MRT & bus to Woodlands Train Checkpoint. 

Overall, even-though went Singapore for Destress-vacay, its totally worth & refreshing! Walaupon hari Isnin masuk keje stress balik hahaha. At least you reward yourself in handling work-stress, tak gitchuuuu!?! ๐Ÿ˜œ

So when is our next trip? Hahaha nak shopping pulak ๐Ÿ˜Ž

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